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Keep up-to-date with news and everything worth knowing about the KitzAlpBike-Festival. Also enjoy beautiful images of the stunning Brixental. You well be amazed at the many colourful sides of the Kitzbüheler Alpen!

Films of KitzAlpBike Festival 2016

Windautaler Radlrally 2016 - KitzAlpBike-Festival in Westendorf

At the 4th Windautaler Radlrally in Westendorf in Tyrol were 151 riders at the start of the delicacy rally and the Sprint race.

HillClimb 2016 - KitzAlpBike Festival in Brixen im Thale

More than 400 starters from 10 nations are climbing the hill again this year at HillClimb in Brixen im Thale.

MTB-Marathon Brixental 2016 - KitzAlpBike-Festival

One of the hardest Mountain Bike Marathon of in Austria – this is the KitzAlpBike Marathon in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Films of KitzAlpBike Festival 2015

Windautaler Radralley 2015

In the already 3. Windautaler cycle Rallye, it was pretty hot despite rainy conditions!

Hillclimb Brixen 2015

The 8th edition of the HillClimb in Brixen im Thale, had once again with a new record in the history books.

KitzalpBike 2015 Marathon

It said 20 years KitzAlpBike Festival in the year 2015. These are 20 years Marathon - so very special.

Kitzalpbike 2015 Cross Country Elite

Kitzalpbike 2015 Cross Country Kids

The children's race of the cross country formed the culmination of the KitzAlpBike Festival competitions.

Films of KitzAlpBike Festival 2014

KitzAlpBike - Windautaler Radlrallye 2014

The second Windautal bike rallye consist of 2 disciplines: while the cyclists were moving from inn to inn at the cozy treat rallye, the participants of the Sprint race determined the winner.

7. Int. MTB HillClimb 2014 Brixen

Largest MTB mountain sprint in Austria with over 400 participants on 25th June 2014

KitzAlpBike - Mountainbike Marathon 2014

With around 1000 participants in the marathon was again the main driving force behind KitzAlpBike Festival 2014.

KitzAlpBike - Cross Country - Kids 2014

The great Cross Country competitions of the kids were also 2014 again the conclusion of the KitzAlpBike Festival.

All films of KitzAlpBike Festival 2013

Hillclimb 2013 in Brixen im Thale

GHOST Day 2013 in Kirchberg/Klausen

Bike Fashion Show & Trail Night 2013 in Kitzbühel

Video KitzAlpBike Marathon & UCI WM 2013

Video Windautaler Radlrallye 2013

Video Enduro-Rennen 2013

Video Cross Country 2013 am Fleckalmcircuit in Klausen

Video Cross Country Kinderrennen 2013

Highlights KitzAlpBike der letzten Jahre

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